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Man working on windshield.Portland Glass makes it easy to save time and money when you’re in need of windshield repair services. We’ll take the time to determine if your windshield can be repaired before jumping to replace it. Our reliable auto glass specialists have the necessary skills to complete any auto glass services you need at fair and honest prices.

Honest, Affordable Services of the Highest Quality

There are three common types of windshield breaks: cracks, bullseye breaks, and star breaks. Depending on the size of the damage, we’re more than likely able to repair your windshield in a timely manner for less than the cost of replacement.

Here are a few things to know about our windshield repair process:

  • We can come to wherever your vehicle is located for your convenience
  • We can restore the structural integrity of your windshield
  • Our repairs help prevent the crack or ding from spreading
  • We’re confident you’ll be satisfied with your newly restored windshield

Repairs typically take 45 minutes or less. Our Portland Glass specialists begin by clearing away debris from the area to be repaired. In order to ensure a clean, strong repair, they may use a drill to clear a smoother path for the repair resin. Once the affected area is clear, our specialists will attach a special tool to the surface of the glass and inject the repair resin into the damaged area. The resin is then cured and polished to a clear finish for a proper repair.

Preventing Windshield Replacement

While our replacement services are highly reputed, we do our best to make your service as affordable as possible. Fortunately, many insurance companies waive windshield repair, so if we’re able to resolve damage without the need for replacement, there may be no out-of-pocket costs to you. In the event of windshield damage, Portland Glass has you covered. Our windshield services are among the most trusted in the industry.

Reach out to Portland Glass or get started online to speak with our glass repair experts today.

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