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family looking out window at snowy yard.Homes experience all the extremes of weather and, in many cases, homeowners are exposed to frequent temperature changes. Windows are the primary source of temperature exchange in any building. Improper sealing can result in your windows leaking climate-controlled air in exchange for drafts. Our trusted team of glaziers at Portland Glass can install insulated glass units (IGUs) to regulate your interior climate and help you lower your energy bills.

The Advantages of Installing Insulated Glass

During the summer, IGUs reflect heat, which lessens the need for air conditioning and saves you money. In the winter, this type of glass reduces heat transmittance through windows, which helps you maintain a consistent indoor temperature and limits the use of your heater.

An IGU consists of two pieces of glass that are separated by an insulating spacer. This spacer seals the space between them and can be filled with a unique moisture-absorbing material known as a desiccant.

The perimeters of our IGUs are sealed with a high-grade sealant that prevents condensation from accumulating between the two glass panes. Some insulating spacers are filled with krypton gas or argon gas to provide additional insulation.

Insulated Glass Repair

Homes equipped with double-pane windows (a type of insulated glass) can have the same temperature regulation issues if a seal is broken. If condensation is building under your window panes or they develop a milky or foggy appearance, give us a call and we’ll provide you with a free estimate and repair that lasts.

Insulated Glass Replacement

As a team that specializes in all things glass, you can count on us to provide quality insulated window replacements. Don’t worry; we can fit insulated glass into your existing frames for a great price.

Reach out to Portland Glass or get started online to speak with our glass repair experts today.

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