Assure Your Family Stays Protected

Safety glass is much stronger than ordinary glass and is specially made to reduce the chance of injury if broken. Portland Glass is proud to help you ensure the protection of your family, as if they were our own.

There are two different types of safety glass:

  • Laminated – Two pieces of glass bonded together with a vinyl layer, which keeps the fragments from spraying like shrapnel when broken
  • Tempered – Glass that’s been heated and then cooled rapidly, resulting in strong, durable glass that shatters into granular and relatively harmless pieces when broken

kitchen with windows.Our glaziers can custom-craft safety glass in just about any size and shape, tinted or clear, with custom edging if desired.

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Why Install Safety Glass?

There are many benefits to installing safety glass in your home that you may not think about. While break-ins are one of the most common reasons for safety glass installations, this type of glass can also help to minimize accidents in the home and reduce weather-related damage. Many home insurance policies even offer discounts for those who choose to install safety glass windows.

Our experienced glaziers are committed to providing you with the most beautiful, cost-effective solutions for your home. We’re happy to install tinted safety glass that can reduce your energy usage and costs.

An Affordable Alternative

Plexiglas is a convenient glass alternative preferred by many homeowners. Not only is it resistant to cracks, fractures, and other impacts, but it can also withstand intense weather conditions. Our one-stop glass repair shop is equipped to design and install this glass alternative for you and can even add texture and color to match the style of your home.

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