Repair and replacement of windows, shower enclosures, mirrors, glass doors, and other glass items in your home. Our skilled glaziers are dedicated to providing high-quality workmanship on your next glass project.

Custom Glass Shower Enclosures

A custom shower glass enclosure is a stylish and functional way to upgrade your bathroom. It provides a sleek and modern look while also offering privacy, easy maintenance, and customization options to fit your unique style and space.

Custom Glass Tabletops

Custom glass tabletops are a versatile and stylish addition to any space, providing a sleek and modern aesthetic while protecting the underlying surface. With the ability to be customized to fit any shape or size, a custom glass tabletop is a practical and elegant solution for both residential and commercial settings.

Custom Mirrors

Custom mirrors are an excellent way to add style and functionality to any space. These mirrors are designed to fit specific dimensions and styles, making them unique and perfectly suited to the room's decor and purpose.

Glass Block Installation

Glass block installation is a unique and modern way to add privacy and natural light to any space. These versatile blocks come in a variety of styles and can be used in windows, walls, and partitions to create a sleek and contemporary look.

Glass Millwork

Glass millwork refers to the intricate and decorative glasswork found in architectural and design elements such as windows, doors, and partitions. With endless customization options, glass millwork can add both functionality and aesthetic appeal to any space.

Glass Railing Installation

Glass railing installation is a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor spaces. This service involves the installation of glass panels to create a sleek and modern look while providing safety and durability to the railing structure.

Glass Wall Installation

Glass wall installation is a modern and sleek way to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of any space. It provides an open and spacious feel while offering privacy and noise reduction, making it a popular choice for both residential and commercial settings.

Insulated Glass Installation and Replacement

Insulated glass installation and replacement is a crucial process for maintaining energy efficiency and temperature control in a building. By upgrading to insulated glass, buildings can reduce energy costs, minimize outside noise, and enhance the overall comfort of the space.

Patio Rooms

From bugs to harsh weather, there may be several reasons why you don’t spend a lot of time on your patio. Patio rooms custom-crafted by Portland Glass can give you the opportunity to spend more time enjoying your yard throughout the year.


Plastics have revolutionized many industries, and two popular options are Lexan and Plexiglas. While both offer durability and versatility, Lexan is more impact-resistant and commonly used in applications requiring higher levels of strength, while Plexiglas is known for its optical clarity and is often used in architectural and display applications.

Safety Glass Installation and Replacement

Safety glass installation and replacement is a critical service that ensures the protection of individuals and property. With its shatter-resistant properties and ability to withstand impacts, safety glass provides a secure solution for buildings, automobiles, and other applications where safety is a top priority.

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