How to Clean Vinyl Windows

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Vinyl windows are a great choice for homeowners because they are relatively low maintenance, durable, and great insulators against the outdoors. Because of their composition, there are specific ways to clean vinyl windows without damaging them. Take a look at the best ways to clean vinyl windows for your below.

Best ways to clean your vinyl windows

For mild cleanings to spruce up the look of your vinyl windows, you want to be sure to not damage the surface of the windows with harsh chemicals from common cleaners. You can use a small amount of detergent and water in a mixed solution. Be sure that no chemical residue remains once done rinsing the window off. Use a soft cloth to dry.

For vinyl windows stained with mildew, grease and more, you can use a water-based household cleaner on it. Another option for cleaning your vinyl window is creating a homemade solution of 30% vinegar and 70% water. Using a soft brush, remove dirt on textured surfaces to clear your windows of those stubborn stains.

It’s critical while cleaning your vinyl windows that you do not use household cleaners with harsh ingredients that produce fumes, as these can cause permanent damage. Whether your vinyl window needs a light wipedown or deep cleaning, never use abrasive brushes to get the job done, as wire brushes can scratch the window. Finally, pay close attention to the manufacturer’s instructions and take advantage of any recommendations they have for your windows.

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Cleaning vinyl windows for your home or commercial building is simple with our tips. Done with cleaning and instead looking to repair or replace the windows in your home or business? Contact the window experts at Portland Glass. We are a professional glass company specializing in auto and flat glass solutions. Get in touch today!

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